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Bar do Peixe (Dieses Turnier hat schon stattgefunden)
19.06.2020 (5 Tage) - Turnier - Mixed - Sand
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    Praia do Moinho de Baixo

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It’s a hat tournament of 12 teams, around 12/13 players each. There’ll be a draw by lot, and this process will be seeded to achieve an even distribution of women and men and their individual skills.

This tournament is for men and women of all ages from all over the world, it’s normally a high level tournament, but it’s the best place to start playing and gain some experience.

The games will be at Praia do Moinho de Baixo, also known as Praia do Meco, just 30 km south of Lisbon.

The dunes and the sea combine to form the perfect set for 4 days of great ultimate.

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